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Celica into a Lamborghini

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I remembered one day that I let one of my friends drive my car, we stopped behind a clean truck (hard to find those in this part of the south) and he saw the reflection of the Celica in the truck and said "It almost looks like a Lamborghini from this angle." Then today I was looking at pictures of the Lamborghini Murcielago and came up with the perfect thing to do to the Celica. Here it is. Switch from the five seater into a two seater (take out everything from behind the front seats), rear-mount a bigger, better engine (like the V12 from a Murcielago) and also have it rear-wheel drive (goes without saying) and finally convert those tiny back windows into giant vents to get air to the engine. I think this would be a lot cheaper than getting a Lamborghini which I believe is over $200,000.oo I don't know because I couldn't find the price in USD. Of course if you use a V12 than it wouldn't be that much cheaper but like get something like a Chevy small block, but then gas would be a b!tch.

Anybody have any idea how much it would cost to do this, minus the price of the engine since that is chosen by preference (hypothetically, just wondering, I can't do because I'm poor, just interested, please no comments like "don't waste your money" or "use that money for something better" just comment on the performance aspect, how it would make the car better/worse)?
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shouldn't you be asleep already little boy? you got school tomorrow
I couldn't sleep and now it's at the point at if I do go asleep I won't be able to wake up and be late for school. I am used to this, last year I barely ever slept, my brain just doesn't work as good as it should when I stay up late.
I think the only reason everyone is just shooting it down and not telling you what you want to hear is because this topic comes up at least once a week about someone wanting to do a RWD or AWD conversion and move the engine to the back. Also each week, the engine changes. I've heard everything from K20's to the Camry/TC engine.

Now granted, you started in your first post by stating you were joking around and this was purely a hypothetical question...but still I understand everyone here being the way they are. Most of the people that have responded to your thread are experienced board cruisers here and probably (just like me) have just set themselves to "automatically" respond the same way to every thread of this nature. The task you mention is such an undertaking, and more money than anyone should ever dump in a celly that is not a sponsored drag car.
It's Colombus Day, you mean in Arkansas schools aren't closed today? That's messed up if thats the case.

Timm3r, where did Ed end up wandering off to? Ever since he wrecked I haven't seen him post. I feel bad for him cause when he wrecked everyone was just hatin on him for losin control of his ride. I hope he didn't give up, sell, and move on.
I understand now why I am being belittled now, thank you. But still, I haven't ever read anything about someone wanting to put a rear-mounted engine in it, just convert to RWD or AWD like you said. Then again for the past few months I only been on this site a tiny bit. And what does the model of the car have to do with how much money you want to put into it? I really like the Celica look, I haven't found a car I thought looked better yet, so you can think of it like this-Get a great performer that's way up there in price and make it look like the car, or have the car and just go up ther (not way up) and make it perform just as good or better than the performer. Or think of it like this-I want the performance of one car and the body of the other, combining the best of two worlds. Once again, this is for fun not for future plans.
Urbanek said:
Or think of it like this-I want the performance of one car and the body of the other, combining the best of two worlds. Once again, this is for fun not for future plans.
I think if thats how your thinking, then you should look into an LS/Vtec or a Franken-K swap into a honda/acura

As far as motors on celly's go there aren't many to choose from. You've got a 1zz(GT), 2zz(gt-s), 3ZZ(2ZZ stroker motor), or 3sgte (from older celicas)

the last one in that list is about 20,000-30,000 bucks for the swap. I only know of two that have been done.

If you really want some power, just turbo the celly. Unfortunatley for our platform here, our options are limited.

I dont know how well your money flows, but you can pick up a nice honda for way cheap and build on it while you keep your celly. I just want to stress I am not telling you sell your celly and buy a honduh :p: but another proj car might be better for you.
I am joining the military after I finish school and I hear that soldiers can make some good money so I was just planning to save up for a better car.

I started this to have fun and just hear other people opinions. I like the fantasy of completely rebuilding the Celica from the inside. So then you can get a high powered engine, have rear-wheel drive for drifting and getting more traction by having wider wheels, and have all the wieght on the rear wheels so they can bite the road better. So then if you had the money you can go up against someone at a red light while you're in a Celica that looks completely stock from the outside and they're thinking "oh it's just another sportscar wannabe with under 200 hp I can easily beat them" then you just zoom off the line like a rocket and have nothing but a dust trail behind you. That, I think, would be the greatest thing to see.
personally i was thinking of a custom B18C5 setup but don't let what people say stop you, it was only a few years ago that people were dreaming of 3S powered 7th gen, but someone made it happen.
all my military buddies around here have really nice cars. I mean the military pays you, and pays for pretty much everything so you end up with a lot of loot leftover. At least that's how they explain it to me.

the only thing I have against a rear engine celly is that you change the whole power/weight ratio, and the suspension geometry. I mean it may still look like a celly on the outside but with the motor in the back driving it will be a whole new experience. In addition, nobody makes drifting coilover sets for a celly.

If you DID actually do a crazy custom job like this though, you would be the first to pull it off. So maybe once that military money starts rolling in you can decide what you want your celly to be.
Not only that but I have a friend from a low-end-high class family and he said he's going to be an enigineer. He also loves my car so much he wants to pitch in some cash. So I'm sure I can have it the way I want, just have to come up with what, or sell my friend the Celica and get myself something else.
Urbanek said:
Switch from the five seater into a two seater (take out everything from behind the front seats)...
The celica has 5 seats??? :confused:

Holy christ.
Urbanek said:
First off, what's wrong with drugs?
i would say ask yourself that question, but then again you did start this thread. You obviously don't know anything about cars or more importantly the kind of car you drive. i can only say you defently do not deserve to drive a celica go do drugs, sell your car and buy a lambo.
SunshineJenn03 said:
The celica has 5 seats??? :confused:

Holy christ.
I picked up on this first.

Firstly, it can be done, Secondly, it is going to cost way too much to do. Thridly, if you feel like doing it, go ahead. Leave us all feeling retarded when you have an MR celica.

If you were to do this, you would likely die driving it. All of the weight of a FWD car will be transplanted to the rear where it is not meant to be. The chassis will fail. The rear suspension will sag more than Barbara Walters boobs. You will have no weight in the front, so, when you have to turn to miss that wall while you are driving at 70 MPH, you will most likely not be able to turn (Is this a bad thing?). Then you have the heat of a rear mounted motor eminating into the passenger cabin. I could go on.

I have seen MR2's get the Ferrari treatment, but they are still stock underneath. Maybe you should just try to make it "Look" like a lambo. But still, people will most likely laugh at you like you are some sort of civic/cavalier ricer trying to use panels from a celica.
techgeekwill said:
you will most likely not be able to turn (Is this a bad thing?).
"Goes without saying"

this thread is a real ****ing gem
I think its neat that hes at least thinking of different ideas.

Even though its completely out of this world, and would be better off just buying a lambo. Its still nice to see that his brain works.
Urbanek said:
...rear-mount a bigger, better engine (like the V12 from a Murcielago) and also have it rear-wheel drive (goes without saying)?...
the Murcielago is All-Wheel-Drive.
Even if you dump $80k on it to make it like a Murcielago, it won't drive and feel like one. As you can see, it's an outrageous idea that probably won't ever come true.
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