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celica meet

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A couple of us have been talking and we are gonna get a celica meet together. I was thinking of Dec. 30th since some of us will be back home from college and we'll be able to attend. We just need a time and place, so go ahead and post up your ideas for a good meeting spot. And do we want an all gen meet or just 7th gen?
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Bellevue Park and ride.
All gen would be awkward lol. jk I don't know. Is your company flexible keener (whats your name?)
Bellevue square for a wet day? idk. My name is Tuan. what's yours 02
One thing does come to mind though, Go karting!
^^ were there electrci karts?
Electric carts blow imo. traxx ftw!
Damn thats 2 and a half months away wtf. I just realized it. I think we should try an earlier time when its not to effing cold outside.
canadian celicas ftw! Nov would be great.
I need to know in advance to get off of work too btw.

(I am playing cs if anyone wants to join
Does it snow in the tri ctiies?
The mo' the better.
OMG, i have never been to lakewood lol.
of the go-karting place matt?
I'm in from start to finish. Although my celica got vandalized, I might just sell it .
tacompton ain't that bad :gap: Redmond would be great. Or even Mukilteo.
Red Falcon said:
Maybe Bellvue plaza shopping center? It's right off of 405.
I;m down for the 18th.
+1 for frys, I live reasonably close to it and its friggin huge.
1 - 18 of 116 Posts
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