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celica meet

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A couple of us have been talking and we are gonna get a celica meet together. I was thinking of Dec. 30th since some of us will be back home from college and we'll be able to attend. We just need a time and place, so go ahead and post up your ideas for a good meeting spot. And do we want an all gen meet or just 7th gen?
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ok.. yea im thinking all gen since we can get more celicas from PSTOC. Im thinking maybe a park for a dry day and im not sure bout a wet place.
my names matt. nice to meet you all

yea a place to eat should be a must for this :)
sounds good :)
champs is pretty fun PSTOC had a meet there once. they are like dead at night.
Where you at Lafaygts?
lafaygts said:
Im from portland, so 3:30 hr drive...
Ahh i see.. hm.. well if you make the drive you are a serious celica dude ;)
oh well then thats an excure to come up to it!
SWEET :D i saw your car at hin and about droooled :) but then i saw the girls ;)
November isnt a bad idea? i have to do weekends if its in november and not thanksgiving weekend. PoweredbyRICE wtf are talking about it rarely snows here.
haha we should also get a lan party together :) If we can plan the meet after the 12th thatd be great so i can actually drive there :D
yea it does sometimes. but who all is gonna be driving over the passes? i mean most of us live in western washington.. and if we dont and go to school over there we have family over here.
anybody up for 2 meetS? haha but red falcon dont worry all i have exterior is exhuast, tails, s2k and clear corners. I used to roll around stock to meets dont worry. just head out with us!
toyocelica00 said:
Dont worry, my car got a big key mark on my driverside door, which is probably worse than having no mods.
nah ive got more then that and imma still head out.. trust me ive got a nice mark the size of about 50 key marks put into a ball :) but i unno i might get that fixed.. ok start throwing out something like this:

Nov. (insert date)
How about November 18th? at say around 2ish? i dont know where yet tho.. somebody pick out a spot somewhere easy access from the Freeway for the Canadian's
One of the malls sounds good.. it should be ok if we arent up front and we are in the back or something like that... That would be good actually.

edit: anybody down for a cruise afterwords somewhere? and also i think maybe we should push it back to say 4 or 5ish?
Does anybody know of any good parking garages around the area where we could park on top and get some sweet ass pictures like the pictures in this thread

Maybe the one at best buy across from alderwood mall?
Sounds like a good plan.. but we have to find a spot to get a picture like that.. like i said the best buy parking garage :)
toydept said:
Migrant 5th Gen Pstoc'er here.

Your thoughts are someplace off I-5 for the Canada, and Portland Guys. If your up for Go Carting check out Grand Prix Raceway in Lakewood. Plenty of Parking, Gas powered Go Carts and a buddy is the Assistant Manager :D We could probably talk our way onto the roof, if not they have loading docks that are 5' off the ground.

Portland 134mi
Vancouver 179mi

As for a drive after we can cruise through Ruston Way on the waterfront, and through Redondo, ending up at Wonderwood Park in Federal Way for more photo's, Total trip 31 miles about 50-60 minutes.

Just my Two Cents. Whatever you decide, I'm game.

Fun Cruise:

Im done for this plan.. who else? And lafa its on nov. 18th now since its closer and better for some people. But we might also have a meet in december. We'll have to figure out that some other time.
Lakewood isnt that far.. plus we have a place we can take pictures at.. and the assistant manager is a friend of a member..
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