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celica meet

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A couple of us have been talking and we are gonna get a celica meet together. I was thinking of Dec. 30th since some of us will be back home from college and we'll be able to attend. We just need a time and place, so go ahead and post up your ideas for a good meeting spot. And do we want an all gen meet or just 7th gen?
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You know if I am in town then I will be there. I have to work around my school schedule AND my work schedule. So yea. I only get 2 weeks off of work since I am the lead of my department, and I don't know WHEN I will be taking them. But most likely I will be here from at least Xmas to New Years.

We should make 2 plans. A dry plan and a wet plan.

I am always in for a drive followed my a meet and greet. But the drive to someplace like the skykart or something would be cool for a wet plan.
Oh. And I would like to see some variety and a good turnout, which is why i suggested all gen. But if we can get enough 7th gen interested it would be fine as a 7th gen meet.

If it does go allgen, we can probably get some interest from pstoc
My name is Rob. Yours?

I work retail, so they are flexable as long as they have coverage in the department. It is going to be 2 weeks Im pretty sure, since I work in Salem, and will be coming back to Federal Way for the break, they really can't call me in or anything.
Last meet, we met at the Southcenter mall and drove to Alki Point for a mini show. Afterwards, a few of the guys went to eat, I wasn't able to go to lunch though.
I can only do Nov if it is the Friday after Thanksgiving. Unless the turnout is so big it is worth taking a day off of work and driving up. Maybe an Oregon convoy.
Damn, looks like everybody is coming out of the woodwork.
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