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celica meet

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A couple of us have been talking and we are gonna get a celica meet together. I was thinking of Dec. 30th since some of us will be back home from college and we'll be able to attend. We just need a time and place, so go ahead and post up your ideas for a good meeting spot. And do we want an all gen meet or just 7th gen?
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Yea, I'm in...just let me know where and when...Also I'll think of some places too. Havent been to a celica meet before, so dont know what you guys did in the past.
haha...Go Karting sounds good... My name is John! so, yea...what do you guys normally do at the meet? Like meet up than cruise around and eat? I havent been to a meet with all you yet, so dont really know what you guys do...I use to go with my homeboi and his meets(Focus) they just met up like at alki and just chilled and had BBQ.
Yea, Nov. would be good for me too. Just let me know in advance! what's the go kart racing at Family Fun Center like? Anybody went there? I heard it was alright, but certain go karts are slow...
haha...yea 2 meets is cool. so are we having an all gen meet or just 7th gen.?
I still like Dec. 30th. No classes and i might have gotten my rims/hids so I'm not too embarrassed about my lack of mods.

Name's Brandyn by the way.
Dont worry, my car got a big key mark on my driverside door, which is probably worse than having no mods.
Nov. 18th at 2pm is fine with me, ummm...southcenter or northgate is off the freeway or maybe alki. anyone else got idea's of some places?
the cruise from ruston sounds good....umm, there's a parking garage in bellevue i believe its off of 4th st. and there's a bunch in seattle. i'll keep thinking of some and keep it posted. Should be a great turn out.
I'll be at the meet and for watever else is planned during that day!!!
So did we all agree to Nov. 18th being the day?
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