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2000 celica gts starts and dies, hissing sound

i recently changed the lift solenoids on my 2000 toyota celica gts to try and fix a check engine light, to change them i had to remove the intake manifold to get to the solenoids. i also had to remove the fuel injectors. Here’s what i did and the symptoms:

What i did/ any possible mistakes:
  • changed lift solenoids
  • removed intake manifold
  • spilled a lot of coolant upon disconnecting throttle body
  • removed fuel injectors
  • one of the fuel injectors popped off and spilled some fuel
  • snapped a lot of wiring clips

- starts for half a second and dies with a hissing sound

what i tried:
  • checked vacuum lines, all seems to be good
  • disconnected MAF sensor and tried starting the car, same result

  • spilled some coolant on a lot of stuff, maybe caused an electrical problem? (doubt it)
  • one of the electrical harnesses that connects to the throttle body was wet with coolant i think when i unplugged it(i don’t think it’s this because it was running fine before)

thank you in advance for the help, providing a list of things to check would be helpful, like all the vacuum lines to check and all the wiring harnesses to check
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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