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HaHa..well i guess this is kind of a long read but i just felt like writing it all down because i was bored. :chuckles:

Alrite well to start things off my clutch went up..oh lets say a good 3 months ago. It sat around for awhile until i could convinve my mom that i would pay her back for the clutch...since im still in high school and aint got a job :gap:

I made the deceision to order an ACT Street Clutch from HP Racing because it was right down the street. That was my first mistake and my worst mistake. Took them over 3 weeks to get the clutch with promise after promise that it will be in within 2 days. Then for some unknown reason that i hate myself for doing i let them lil fuggers install it. That takes another week and a half.

So i finally get my car back after a good month. Very next day im driving on Rte. 100 and my car revs up around 9kish...i was like wtf. I knew i didnt misshift because i was sure i had put it in 5th.
So i drove it carefully home for a lil while making sure it was broke or something and sure enough about 10 minutes after i get off the highway it starts making kind of a rattling noise.

I take it to the dealership on that monday. They look at it..tell me they have isolated the noise to the transmission. That surprised me cause i was thinkin it was a misshift and it did some serious damage. I have a rental car for a day until they take apart the transmission.

They call me up and are like. Well we found the problem. It seems as though the flywheel bolts have sheared off and were not torqued down properly. They tell me they wont cover it under warranty. So i get on the phone with HP Racing and tell them of their mistake. They tell me they will cover all the costs of damage if i get Toyota to send them a fax saying that was the cause of the problem.

I talk to the guy at Toyota and he says he will fax them. So the guy at HP Racing calls me back after he gets the fax saying it was HP Racings fault for the damage to my car and tells me that HP Racing is not going to cover it anymore. I was like WTF.

Well the dealership went through everything and all the damage came out to around $2970 so i fronted the money and we are in the process of trying to get the money back from HP through either the courts or nagging them until they come through with some sort of settlement. Worst part of the whole thing they said when the flywheel came loose it had damaged the clutch i had just bought. So basically i bought it for nothing as they took it out and put a stock one back in. But thats not even the end of it.

I take it back up there because when they did all that work in the transmission he had forgotten that i told him to take a look at the synchros because it would grind in 2nd and 3rd gear everytime. Well i take it back up there and get my Toyota Corolla rental car ( YAY YAY ) They tell me that instead of replacing it gear by gear they are just going to buy me a whole new transmission and cover it under warranty. So i should have my car back after all this by Monday and it should be running great.

I love my dealership. Toyota of Glen Burnie...and the guy i have been dealing with is Allen. They get the work done fast too. And he doesnt bull**** me at all. He told me the car would be done probably on a Friday and he gets it done and back to me on that Thursday..ahead of what he told me. But they are a really good dealership and dont try to rip you off...cept for that $3k but that was my fault for using HP Racing.

And speaking of them..

HP Racing :bang::angry::angry::nono:
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