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Celica VVTLI (190) big brake kits

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Hey i have a toyota celica VVTLI (190) and i need new discs on front and rear and new pads front and rear i would like to go fro a big break kit on the front ...
Rotora big break kit 4 pot or 6 pot not sure ... 800-900 pound without fitting
and on the rear inm look n at maybe
Brembo cross drilled discs...150 pound
Rotora slotted discs....80pound
HKS pads ...15 pound
keep the celica calipers on the rear ????
if anyone has any better ideas or can get the parts any cheeper please let me know i am ook n at about 1200pound at the most with the sites i was look n at get n them from ???

thank please get back to me on this as my brakes really need doing cuz there scrap n and the back of the discs have F**K all left ....

cheers BILLICP
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lol at first i didn't know that you were talking about money. I've never experienced a big brake kit, but for the money its more cost effective to just get upgraded pads and some new OEM rotors. celica's have astonishing braking capabilities as is, i don't think that big brake kits are worth it because they won't help much more in an area that is already good. know what i mean?
Be a baller, get the Rotora 6 piston caliper for the front and the 4 piston caliper for the rear :gap:
Don't know how much it would be, but you have shipping and taxes... By the time you get the brakes from the states, it may cost just as much and maybe more than buying it in some shop in England.
what about stopTech BBK kit. 4 piston. 6 piston is overkill IMO.

thats what TRD uses for celica they just put TRD stiker on it.
but its Stoptech BBK.
Since you're in EU you can get the TaroX 10 piston caliper from Fensport for the front!!! :AF:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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