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celicaGT "Flash Guy"

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whats up !!! I saw you today driving down wier canyon/yorba linda blvd. at around 1 or so. Are you from around here or just pasing by?

You were coming out of I dunno what street thats right next to the target and toy r us on santa ana canyon road and went down Yorba Linda. I was like right next to you most of the time until I turned on village center.

anyways.... I was about to post a siting **** and then I saw your sig in this other thread.

ps. notice my sig and youll see yorba linda blvd and the 91 lol
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holy crap ...I had a feeling I've seen your car before.. haha I actually do live in yorba linda just off rio del oro just the next light after village center. Nice to see u on the road man :)
lol tight.

Never seen your car before but it looks good. I like it.

Nice to see a good import around here. What with Master Image Customs down the street and the trends around here its nothing but body dropped mini trucks or raise full size chevys.....and dont forget the occasional mom rollin' on DUB's or greater on her suv lol
Come to think of it, I've seen you around too.

Funny, I saw the initial post because around noon I was in the same area (Weir Canyon at Santa Ana Canyon).
lol thats crazy.

you live in or around Yorba Linda ??? What does your car look like ???

its kinda hard to miss celicaGT ride. 1 of the handfull or less of hooked up imports around nothing but lexus, mercedes, other suv and hood up trucks.
I actually live in Fullerton. My car is also carbon blue...looks stock but lowered...and has gold emblems. I frequent Yorba Linda Blvd quite a bit.
hmmm, now im wondering how many other celica guys are around the area ?

you guys know of anyone else ?
AM03GT, DrunkenTiger and BlaqCelica also live in the area.
You can find me a little bit south of Yorba Linda. :) Just drive south on the 55 for 5 minutes and I'm usually around the area there.
lolz... yehp all I see around this area is a bunch of full on raised trucks or Bling Blingin SUVs. Oh I saw a a spectra blue w/ a carbon fiber hood just the other day at the corner of weir canyon/ serrano... I'm not sure if he posts but he does have that s2000 antenna.. hehe :)
A n A h E i M ~!!! woo woo haha, yeah i'm in da hillz, corner of serrano and nohl ranch just about...
dayum.... got a few people around here.

any of you still in school ? or graduated recently ? I graduated from esperanza in 01. Im 20 now..... 21 in like 7 more damn months

let me know when you guys go to another meet. I'll roll
I already graduated a long time ago. hehe.. class of 94 @ katella high. I work as a web designer now :)
dayum, while back lol.

I do graphic arts for a company in cerritos. like all the crap that gets printed on plastic bags for stores ? thats me. Im working on 1 for Anchor Blue right now.
haha toyt like a tiger! so are you going to onlineshowoff show this sat?
I had not planned on it really. but yeah, Id like to go.

are a bunch of you guys going or what ??? you showing in it ?
my last quarter at UCLA, canyon high class of 98'
so i'm not the only 5th year celica owner after all
WiseGuyCustomz said:
I had not planned on it really. but yeah, Id like to go.

are a bunch of you guys going or what ??? you showing in it ?
yea about 10 now i think we got a caravan going soo sign up its a free to show ur car plus free food so thats always a plus on my book :)
damn. so I can still get in the show ?
where do I sign up ? online show off web site I guess right
where are you guys meeting ?
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