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Whats up everyone, just wanted to let everyone know my celica is back and driving like a dream. As some of you may know I hydrolocked my motor about 3 months ago. I would like to take this time to thanks everyone in the help and process of getting my car up and running again. It's been a bitvh...the thread can be found


Sorry about all the edits on the thread, when all this was going on I was tryin to scam toyota to insure my motor for free and didnt want them to read it by chance and hold it against me;) It didnt work.

The good thing is I got my car back!

Now that I car back I installed some parts I had laying around..
1st being my custom made interior pillar bar made by "SpeedNStylez"

This things DOES make a differance but you gotta sacrifice alot to benefit from it...
The review i worte for it can be found here

2nd being 5mm H&R wheel spacers, not a bad mod for a bill, but you can hardley tell any differance in appearance if any...Install was very pricey also as you had to take out the whole fron hub and put them behind it.

3rd thing i did was go back to my original tails which I plan on getting a redded out kit and black reverse light vinyles from blue bat, I got tired of my apc wannabe CF style tails and they had cracks in the top corners anyway, stock tails look ok.

Upcomming plans are maybe 2 guage pods and pillers I guess AF ratio and not to sure on the other... Ive been reading about nitrious too but I dont know... Ive gone thru 1 motor, dont want to make it 2. I would only hit the nitrious occaisonally (late for work, running from cops, ect, ect) but well see.

Any suggestions are welcome and please let me know what everyone thinks about my whip!!
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