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Changing rev limiter in Emanage Ultimate

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i've been playing around with it but have no success yet.. just wondering if anyone has successfully raised the rev limiter with the EMU?
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Gravel said:
Do our cars cut fuel or ignition or both? Looks like the EMU can only fix a fuel cut limiter.

I still can't understand why the EMU needs the stock ECU signals - it has direct control of the sparks and fueling - but I suppose they'd need to get their knock-sensor software working first.
1ZZ/2ZZ uses a fuel cut revlimiter. The Emanage needs to be wired into the stock ECU so it can send it the confirmation signals its expecting. Otherwise, it would store DTC's and light the CEL. It may even go into safe mode but Im not sure about that.
Probably throw a rash of P030X and PO13XX codes.
Sorry I dont even have en EM-U. So Im no help on the rev-limiter.
But havent you ever wondered why theres 8 wires (4 in / 4 out) going to the coils instead of just 4?

Toyota designed the system to require a feedback pulse to confirm that the coils fired the plugs. I thought it did the same with the injectors but I could be mistaken.
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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