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Changing rev limiter in Emanage Ultimate

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i've been playing around with it but have no success yet.. just wondering if anyone has successfully raised the rev limiter with the EMU?
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i read through the manual and found the rev limiter window in the program, so it will let u change it. i dont have an e-mange so i cant try it for u...

but if u go to the parameter settings window, when it opens tick the box on the right hand side that says rev limiter cut settings.

it will now ad the rev limiter cut settings window to ur map tree. double click that and it will open it up and let u change the rev limiter.
^ ow ok, just thought it sounded like no one new if it could do it/how to so i thought i would post the window coment.

anyway i dont have a EU so i cant test it out for u
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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