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Electromagnetic Wave :-h
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'00-'02 Premium sound:

This 8 speaker system has 3 component speakers in each of the front doors. The tweeters & mid speakers are tied together with a high pass filter to the tweeters. The bass/sub speakers are driven by a separate output from the OEM amp. The rear speakers are single full range speakers. Making a total of 8 spkrs.

So, you have several choices.
  • Bypass amp to the tweeters/mids and lose some bass.
  • Bypass amp to the tweeters/mids and add a small sub amp to drive the front bass/subwoofers.
  • Change the wiring from the mid speakers to the bass/sub speakers and lose some mid-range.
  • Add an aftermarket 3way crossover to the front speakers.
  • Replace the front component speakers with a wider range 2way or 3way component set.
  • Replace the '00-'02 amp with an '03+ one or go w/an aftermarket amp.
*NOTE: The OEM single rear speakers & the front woofers are rated 25W and the front component mid/tweets are rated 17.5W

'03+ Premium Sound:

This 8 Speaker system has 2 component speakers in each of the front doors and 2way speakers in the rear. Making a total of 8 speakers.

Bypassing the amp with this system is a straightforward bypass.

You will find the stereo wiring schematics in the 2002 & 2005 Celica Electrical Manual stickies.

If you have a question, please create a new thread in the Forum. If you have something you would like to add to this information, please post it here & I will see about incorporating it and will delete your post when it has been added.


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I don't see this listed anywhere and it took me a little while to figure out how to wire it, so to help any others looking to do the same.

How to hook up aftermarket amplifiers and speakers to the 00-02 premium system. If you are like me, and think a Stereo should be heard and not seen, or don't want to tip off thieves to what in the hatch, then you will want to keep the dash looking as oem as possible. You can actually cut the ends of an RCA cable off and wire them directly into the signal wires from the HU. No need for a line out converter, resistors or anything else. The Celica uses a common ground set up. Splice the center pin of each RCA to the positive signal coming out of the HU not the OE amp. Then splice the outer shells of all the RCA wires(4 total) together and hook it to the signal ground wire. Run these to you low level inputs and you're done.
Voltage spec for the signal wire you spliced into is 0.5-0.7 volts, use low level inputs. I haven't had any issues. I get a bit of a thump out of the system on startup but the system sound great with no distortion
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