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Clutch Problems

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My car has recently had a couple of episodes where the clutch pedal all of a sudden locks up and I can barely push in the clutch far enough to change gears. I have no clue why it's doing this but it's getting really annoying and unsafe. The video below is the noise that it makes whenever I push in the clutch pedal.

If anyone has any insight into this please let me know ASAP. I drive close to 500 miles a week for work and having my car not running is not an option.

My only guess is the throw-out bearing. There is a rumble to the clutch pedal when pressing it but it's not terrible.
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Have you checked the master and slave clutch cylinders?
No I haven't, though I did think that could be part of the problem as well. It feels like one of the cylinders locks up with fluid or something. Or maybe there's air in the system.

What would I be looking for?
its not the master or slave, your clutch disk broke. it needs to be replaced. so does the pressure plate
Seriously?? :AF:

Anyone know what it costs at a shop to replace?

Should I go OEM or aftermarket? Don't have a ton of money to spend but maybe I can find a good deal on a used one.
The street Southbend clutches are really affordable and I liked them. The pedal feel is different from stock though. It's lighter and has this "2 step" the newer Mazdas have if you've ever driven one.
cant go wrong with exedy either. a bit firmer then stock. bites when it needs too.

when you get a clutch kit you'll get the pressure plate and throw out bearing with it. so everything you need to install to make it like new again.

im with Smaay. something inside is boogered up. and it does sound like a finger or 2 is broke or effed up by the way its acting. and it depends on the shop/area what they would charge. a good set of sockets and open end wrenches, jack and jack stands you can do it in your garage/driveway/gravel lot in a good day. if your any kind of mechanically inclined.

i think there was a write up on how to r&r a clutch. so you'll have pics and such too.
Seriously?? :AF:

Anyone know what it costs at a shop to replace?

Should I go OEM or aftermarket? Don't have a ton of money to spend but maybe I can find a good deal on a used one.
i'd upgrade my clutch if i had to replace it. southbend has nice ones for fair prices. you might pay around $250 or so for a clutch depending on what type and from where you purchase it from. its takes a good amount of time to replace it too so labor is whats really gonna drain your wallet. i was quoted about $275 for the parts and 5-6 hours of labor. so i was looking at about roughly $850 or so. i didn't wanna pay that much so i took the daring leap and did it myself.
Thanks for the insight guys!! :-D

I'm still deciding whether or not to take it to a shop or do the swap myself. There's also the fact that I need a new 6th gear synchro and was going to have the shop replace that while it was all apart.
if you have a good set of tools and a bit of time and patience, you can pull off a clutch swap no problem with the help of a guide. the clutch itself is fairly easy, getting to it is the hard part. i remember someone posted a guide here somewhere and i think theres pics and everything. hopefully you have an air compressor, it makes things so much easier.
meh, hand tools are good for you. you gain a feel for how tight things should be instead of zipping an air gun on everything. this way your not stripping stuff out and getting to wild on it. make sure if you get a used clutch you get the clutch alignment tool with it.

i bought a used clutch from a member on here. was used for like 2 miles until they decided it was the tranny. got a good deal. clutch worked as should. keep an eye out.
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