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I am a member of the Ontario MR2 Club. The club, along with the St Lawrence Auto Club (StLAC), hosts a track day and autocross every year in July at Shannonville Motorsports Park near Kingston, Ontario. The event normally takes place the third weekend in July.
We would be interested to know if any Celica and Supra owners would like to attend. Depending on the number of participants and which part of the track we rent, cost per vehicle is approximately $150.00 to $180.00. Second drivers of the same vehicle can participate at a reduced rate.
I think most of yoou know what this type of event encompasses but for those of you who don't: What we do is lapping only NOT racing. Passing is allowed in designated spots and only if waved by. Safety is taken Very seriously and anyone not following the rules will be banned from participating. Nobody wants their car damaged! This gives you the opportunity to go fast around a race track with little possibility of damage. There are different skill level groups: NOVICE for those who have never been on a track before or the less experienced, INTERMEDIATE, and ADVANCED. The autocross or slalom is a timed run through a corse laid out using safety cones. Autocross cost is usually $30.00 per day.
You will have to supply your own helmet with current Snell approval and roll bars are mandatory for convertibles.
We have regular attendees from Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic provinces as well as the U.S.
There is camping available at the track. A limited number of htel rooms are available at special rates on a first come basis which you would book with the hotel.
If we are able to get a paid commitmentfrom enough attendees by the first week of January we can rent the track on our preferred weekend.
With favorable response from your groups, signup and payment details will follow.

If you are interested, please respond to this post with "INTERESTED"

Thank you for your consideration.
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