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The scope of this thread is to serve as a table of contents of common performance modification topics, questions, reviews, install notes and other relevant topics.

Below you will see topics in Bold Text followed by links to useful information on them. All new topics will be added by edits to the main table of contents, so check for changes and new topics frequently.

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Common Bolt-On Engine Performance Modifications

Cold air and short ram intakes

- Blue Bomber (BB) Mod for intakes

Airbox flapper delete

Exhaust systems

- Common GT-S axle-back exhaust comparison by Turbo magazine

- Other GT-S exhausts

- GT axle-back comparisons

- Sound clip database

- NOTE: TRD Kazuma was the only cat-back exhaust ever produced. All other are axle-back (Greddy is often advertized as a cat-back).

Exhaust headers and catalytic converters

- "Race" headers

- Cat deletion, O2 simulation and plug defoulers

- Header ID and special considerations for 2003-05 model cars

- Ceramic insulation coating

- Exhaust manifold studs

- Header install guide

Underdrive pulleys & undampened pulleys

Scam/eBay Mods that don't work

- The Tornado

- Fuel line magnets

- Air temperature sensor resistor

Other External Engine Modifications

Lubrication system

- Oil coolers

- Oil pans

Cooling system

- Radiators

- Low temperature thermostats

Fuel system

- Fuel pumps

- Stock vs. Walbro 255 lph

- Fuel injectors

Ignition system

- Spark plugs

- Ignition coils

Belt tensioner/drive belt noise and part revision

Removal of air conditioning compressor

Internal Engine Modifications


Valves, springs and retainers

Cylinder head porting & polishing

Big bore throttle body

Pistons and compression ratios

- Forged vs. cast pictons

Connecting rods

Cylinder liners and sleeves


Oil pumps

ARP head and main studs

Performance and low-compression head gaskets

High performance rod and main bearings

Performance surface treatments

- Low friction, oil dispersant, flow coatings

- Cryogenic treatment

Professional engine builders

Drivetrain Modifications



- Flywheel bolt information

Limited-slip differentials (LSD)

- Clutch-type vs. helical

Short shifters

Upgraded/strengthened transmissions

- Aftermarket gearsets

- Cryogenic treatment

- Common transmission damage and part revisions

- 3S-GTE (E153) transmission conversion

Automatic transmission upgrades

Performance/custom axles

Engine mounts and urethane bushings

Shifter bushings and braided clutch lines

- Shifter base bushings

- Shift cable bushings

- Brainded stainless clutch lines

Engine control, electronics, gauges

ECU Tuning Forum

A'PEXi Power FC

Greddy E-Manage/E-Manage Ultimate

Hydra EMS

Power Enterprises CAMCON

Split Second




Jet Chip

Venom 400

OEM Toyota ECU

- Versions of ECU and part numbers

- Rev limiter conversion for 2002 model year GT-S

- Check Engine Light (CEL) codes and "resetting" the ECU

- ECU pinout for GT-S

- Learning function of ECU

Changing "lift" engagement point on 2ZZ-GE engines

Drive by wire (DBW) to cable throttle conversion

Mechanical vs. Electrical gauges

Oil pressure and temperature gauges

Water temperature gauges

Wideband oxyegn (O2) sensors

- Why air/fuel gauges are different than widebands and don't work

Exhaust gas temperature (EGT) gauges

Forced Induction: Turbochargers, Superchargers and Nitrous

Forced Induction & Nitrous Forum

Turbo system FAQ

Turbocharger kits

- C2 Power (C2)

- Hass Pro Turbo

- XS Engineering

- Stafford Fabrication (SF)


- David Draper (DD)

DIY turbo systems

Turbocharger manufacturers

- Garrett

- Turbonetics


- Greddy


Turbocharger distributors


- Precision Turbo

Wastegates and blow off valves (BOV)

- Differences between internal and external wastegates


- Air-to-air

- Air-to-water

- Differences

Boost controllers

How much turbo boost is safe to run?

Cold air intakes on turbos

Supercharger kits

- Greddy

- Blitz

DIY supercharger systems

How do I raise the boost on a supercharger?

How much supercharger boost is safe to run?

Can I intercool my supercharger?

Is the Electric Supercharger legit?

Turbocharger vs. supercharger

Costs of forced induction systems

Spark plugs for forced induction

Clutches for forced induction

Boost gauges

Nitrous FAQ's and Install

Nitrous kit manufacturers

- Nitrous Oxide Systems (NOS)

- Nitrous Express (NX)

- Zex

Nitrous system types

- Wet

- Dry

- Wet vs. dry

How much nitrous (shot) is safe to run?

Other Performance Topics

Suggestions for first time modders

Weight reduction

- Guide to weight reduction

- Lightweight wheels and wheel diameter

- What does weight reduction do?

Engine swaps

- 2ZZ-GE (GT-S) into Celica GT chassis

- 3S-GTE swap (2nd Gen MR2 and 5th Gen Celica All-Trac)

- Other engines

Drag racing

- 1/4 Mile Database

- Setup and technique

Technical Topics

Repair & Maintenance Forum

Celica Repair Manual - Toyota Big Green Book (BGB)

- Toyota Tech Info Website

Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) and maintenance schedules

General car specifications and maintenance schedules

ASE papers on 2ZZ-GE engine

VVTi and VVL systems

Basic fuel injection controls information

Common acronyms and abbreviations

Gasoline and octane number

Oils and gear lubes

Dynomometer (dyno) types

- Dynojet Model 248C

- Dynapack

- Mustang

- Dyno Dynamics

- Manufacturer engine dynos

How a dyno works/what it reads

Comparison of different dynos

Reviews of dynos and dyno shops

Bad/fake dyno information

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The above list is a work in progress. If there are other topics you feel should be included, please post about them and the list can be edited. Any topic without a link needs one, so if you have appropriate threads, please post links to them.

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