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Hi there guys! I bought my car about 8 months ago, and I discovered in January that my coolant reservoir container was below low. I filled it full and now, when taking my engine plastics off, I discovered the coolant in my container was back to exactly the same level as last time I filled it up.

I have no over-heating issues and the car runs great. As I can see there are no leaks. The car was hot when I checked the level today, if that makes any difference.

Did I not fill it up properly last time? I heard that sometimes you have to do some rounds of refilling and running the engine, maybe that has something to do with it? What do you guys recon, leak or just some filling issues.
I live in a cold climate if that makes any difference (snow from October to April).

- Thank you!

Toyota Celica GT T23 2003
45000 miles.
I had this problem and it ended up being my water pump going bad. The coolant was only low in the rear portion of the reservoir though.
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