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Yeah the problem with that is that you took out the water lines and now you have air in the lines. You have to bleed your water lines. Make sure all the air is out and just refill like Blitz said.
Dont know about the BOV cause mine sounds even at 4000 when i let go.

get a 10 socket unbolt the coolant bottle,lift it up and put it on the hood latch ( yes the hood latch,sounds like crap, until you do it) it fits exactly unto the latch like it fits on the bracket you slid it up off of. you turn the car on let it run,open the bottle and start filling (dont rev car) it takes a good 10 to 15 minutes to actually get all the air out by this time the engine fan will be running and there should be coolant that is on the ground ( yes some would waste)
if its done properly. pay close attention to the bottle when filling to see when the air bubles stopp coming ( big bubbles and little tiny ones,and they dont come alll at the same time)

after fillling remove and slide bottle back over its mount and bolt back in place by the time it take you to do this the fan would have already stopped and started again at least 2 times.(depepndent on ambiant temp.)

a buddy of mine and i stumbled onto this when a friend of ours car was overheating back in 2000 we passed that info to a friend of ours in canada who is a toyota master technician who is using that same technique to this very day.

i did a post with detailed instructions before ,do a search ( could be another site maybe,but search) (its been so long since i did it but i think on one car i had to use the little nob on the bottle to control the flow of water back into the bottle) its easy when you get the bottle mounted you can actually get a sense of how the water flows and by opening the nob you can see it slowing down and even stopping) and going to another section of the bottle.
the little knob is very important.

this may not be the reason you are in fact overheating, but its the proper way to fill your coolant level and get air out of the system.
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