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Hi guys. I have some parts I like to sell but don't know wat they are for exactly or worth.
So please help me out in confirming if I'm right or not and if
interested make an offer :)
Like I said I dont know exactly what they are so I'm Honestly cluesless here
since I'm sure. ~Z~

I need help Identifying some rare early 70's USDM NOS Toyota badges.
May be JDM I dont know.
I bought these from an ex Toyota Dealership Mechanic who worked at a Toyota
dealership in Texas. He had these stashed away in a box in his closet for 20 or
30 years he said till I met him and bought them.
The same man who sold me a NOS Celica GT Dragon grille emblem a few
years ago which I was proud to have
Reason I'm asking is I'm looking to sell them now after holding on to them for a
few years and don't know for sure what car they're for or how much they're
roughly worth :/
Below is a list of links to pics of the badges / emblems along with the part
numbers on the original TEQ boxes.
I'm trying to sell these and get help figuring what they are and
a well advised idea of worth so please feel free to make offers if you want to buy it :)
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thyanx ~Z~

Badge 1 Corolla Badge Emblem Aug 1972 to Jul 1974/

Badge 2 Corolla Badge Emblem Sep 1971 to Jul 1972/

Badge 3 Corona Badge Emblem Feb 1969 to Jan 1971/

Badge 4 Corona Badge Emblem Sep 1970 to Aug 1971/

Badges 5 and 6~
I have both left and right side of what ever this is for. Corona or Corolla Badge Emblem NOS/


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As I stated in your other thread, to sell here, you must post pictures of your parts with you username next to them.
Please take one more group photo of all the badges next to a piece of paper with your username written on it.

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I edited your post to reduce the size of that huge picture.

Alright, please do the same in your other thread.
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