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Guys, we have a meet in RI each year, usually it's a 6gen Celica & MR2 meet but this year I'm looking to get some 7gen Celicas there as well.
I have 3 6gens and I recently got a 7gen and I want to see some good examples of them for inspiration.
My 7 won't be there, just my 6s.

This is taken from the post about the meet:

Thats right, its time for another 6GC EC meet, that we have every year. We hope a of you can make it this year, last year was a blast, we hope this year will be just as fun!
here is a pic from last years meet :

and links from previous years:;hl=csp+meet

for all of you that will be traveling, google colt state park, hope st, bristol, RI.

i hope everyone who has come to previous years can make it this year, and hope that lots of new people can make it as well!!

lets have some fun!!
hope to see you all there!!

Here's the link to the FB post about it

Show me some 7gens. Can you guys represent ?
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