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Thought I would start something new. Every day I will post a random story about some crazy weird shiet that happens around the US. If you come across one yourself please do not hesitate to post it up.

Today's story that takes the cake, is about a lady that laid inside a dead horses carcass, and covered her naked body in its blood.
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Cuz she naked!
I wonder how people can be so fawking stupid. Clearly she didn't think this was actually going to work.
This thread sucks

Something you and this thread have in common.
I was wondering the same thing myself.
Found it...

On to other news. If Americas dumbest criminals still existed this for sure would be an episode.
news to me
In your case female strippers. We all know you are very familiar with male strippers....Suspect.
Today is a double header, I could not let this one sneak by.


Moral of the story...Don't cheat.
This ain't nothing but the devil. I for sure would not be welcome here.
Read somewhere that this was a fake.

You are correct.

I would for sure be on an outrage if my church EVER did something like that.
I agree.
I can't say I would not have laid hands on whomever killed my kids either.
I am a firm believer that we need to do away with ALL forms of welfare in this country. This story just proves my point.
"It’s official. There needs to be some sort of application/approval process in order for people to qualify as a parent, because sh*t’s getting ridiculous!"
This further proves my point that we need to abolish Welfare.

I'm more afraid of Idiocracy coming true... Like the movie the day after tomorrow, this one is coming true too albeit just slower than as predicted.
I have not seen this move yet.
This is the dumbest shiet I have ever heard. They wonder why our education system is in the toilet.
1 - 20 of 121 Posts
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