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Thought I would start something new. Every day I will post a random story about some crazy weird shiet that happens around the US. If you come across one yourself please do not hesitate to post it up.

Today's story that takes the cake, is about a lady that laid inside a dead horses carcass, and covered her naked body in its blood.
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I guess I'm slow (or reading dat made me dumber)... what's sic?
Man, sounds like a female version of Falling Down. That's just a bad situation.
Ehh... Meh, that's been known for a while now (application/aproval process not the murder...).

I'm more afraid of Idiocracy coming true... Like the movie the day after tomorrow, this one is coming true too albeit just slower than as predicted.
You might want to but at the same time... Prepare yourself.
Friend showed it to me. :shrug:
I'm really hoping the judge sides with the family for my sake not for the girl or her parents...
Khadijah Baseer? I can't imagine that being worth hitting.
I'm sorry but.... BWahahahahahahhhahaahahhahhahahahaaha!!! No moar respawns??!?

So, I guess it has begun... Idiocracy here we come.
1 - 20 of 121 Posts
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