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Thought I would start something new. Every day I will post a random story about some crazy weird shiet that happens around the US. If you come across one yourself please do not hesitate to post it up.

Today's story that takes the cake, is about a lady that laid inside a dead horses carcass, and covered her naked body in its blood.
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Welfare should only be given to those who actually deserve it. Like working, drug free parents. If they have drugs in their system or voluntarely unemployed then they dont deserve SHIET! thats my $.02 :wave: good day yall!
So how does this have to do with me? I don't do dogs, I eat em sow derishus
This is the dumbest shiet I have ever heard. They wonder why our education system is in the toilet.
LMAO!!! i'm speechless. like teachers like students...
Super Bass? Superb A$$? hmmmmmm
WTF be goin threw some peoples minds when they say "oh hey this sounds like a good Idea lets try it!"
This is the dumbest shiet I have ever heard.
:ugh: :faint:
^^^funny stuff. man getting divorced will break your bank.
Freak, i really hope that story is not true.
Friend showed it to me. :shrug:
man that is just nuts. im speechless. whos the douchbag father
41 - 60 of 121 Posts
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