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I too am not please with the Celca's aftermarket selection. Like what I posted before the RSX came out, I am not suprise one bit that the RSX is getting such a big aftermarket support even though it's only been out a few months. By the time it hits 2 years, I'm pretty sure it's aftermarket selection is going to MUCH bigger then the Celica.

And another point I notice, the Celica aftermarket parts are on average at least 25% expensiver then their Honda/Acura counterpart. Ex: Ground Control Springs are $399+ for the Celica, while it's only $299 for the Civic, Integras and Preludes. And no company has yet to come out with affordable performance shocks for the Celica, wouldn't be suprise if some are on the way for the RSX.

Greddy exhuast system, it's $600 for the Celica, compare to $480-$500 for Hondas and Acura. Oh well, I still enjoy my Celica though.
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