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DFW Meet #3 at Speedzone April 6th 2003!!!!!!!!

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here is all the info for the meet.....
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well zach,

i will be there for NOPI on the 13th and 14th!! I have to hang with yall, like, totally!
zcs626 said:
like, OMG!
like Zach is like sooo totally....:gay:

there's a very good chance I ain't gonna be able to make it!!....

not that ya care!!......
WELL I WONT BE THERE.... I know you guys will be glad!! But you all NEED to come to H-TOWN!!
hey how much is NOPI gonna be? I didnt even realize NOPI was coming up to dallas... tells yall how much ive been keeping up lately.
Something about the name "T-Baggin" makes me feel a little uneasy :ugh:
i will sooooo be here for this!
iam in too....i will be glad to see yall again
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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