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did I screw something up? (wasn't in gear)

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ok so today I was out driving around with some friends and we were screwing around on some empty 55 mph roads. Do it all the time. Well we were stopped at a stop light and I jumped the light when it turned green, what else is new? So I ran out 1st and was going to shift into 2nd pretty quick like usual but I was laughing at something my friend next to had me just said. Second gear didnt quick click into place and I lifted the clutch and gased it before I realized I wasnt quite in gear...

This was the first time I had ever heard my car bounce off the rev limiter... on top of that I was still holding the gear shift down towards 2nd. My previous car was a 5spd 96 camry and I remember when I was first learning to drive at 15 I missed a shift in the same way and I could hear/feel a horribly clicking/grinding/ noise that I'm assuming was the transmission gears batting off of each other. The feeling was very scary and I let go immeadiately when but in the celica I didnt feel/ hear anything other than the engine bouncing off the limiter... I'm hopping I wasn't holding the shifter far enough down to where the gears were actually grinding but I'm not sure. On the way back home I thought I heard a bizzare rattling noise but I'm not sure if it was my car or something else because I only heard it once...

I bought my celica not that long ago and this was the first time I've had this happen....(It made me feel like sh!t by the way) but my friend with a gt says he has done it a couple of times over the years of driving his and had no problems. I dont know anything about this topic and this missed gear kinda bothers me even though there dont appear to be any problems with any of the gears engaging properly or any repeatable noises.

What are the chances I screwed something up/ how can I tell? I'm more worried about the tansmission but how bad is it for your engine when you bouce it off the rev limiter? Can you feel the gear shift rattle really bad in the celicas when you try to put it in gear without pushing the clutch? My only experience with that was in the 96 camry and it rattled my hand bad enough to make me jump, is the celica the same way? not that anyone should try it... but just wondering if anyone else has dont the same thing?

I hope I didnt screw anything up. I feel really bad, as if I hurt my celi or something... :(
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