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As most of you know I got a fix it ticket a few months back for modified exhaust.
Well I never got around to fixing it and didn't want to hassle with it.
By the time i borrow/buy a stock exhaust, uninstall, install the new one,
get it signed off, uninstall the new one, put back my old one...ect...
My time is worth more than the ticket ^^,

I guess they are assuming emissions are bad on modded exhausts,
and it would pollute the air.
So I ask if I can pay a fine or something.
They said sure, just pay $131.08 and you dont have to fix it.
I guess $131.08 is going to help the environment? =/

I knew the government was corrupt, I just didn't think they would make it so obvious.

So its either:
Fix it and pay $10 clearing fee.
Pay $131.08 and we wont say anything.

Sound like a bribe to you?

if big brother makes me disappear tomorrow, I'll miss you guys! :wiggle:
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