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does it matter when it comes to shocks?

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i just got trd lowering springs and i was thinking i'll prob. need new shocks eventually i haven't installed my springs yet and i was wondering if it matters what shocks i have to use and what do you guys recommend when it comes to shocks, eibach? tien? hks? tokico? for a low price b/t mayb 180-300 is what im willing to spend on shocks
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probably tokico cheapest best for your dollar at 300 dollars
I love my koni's but they were definately more than what youre lookin at spending... I think they ride amazing.. I guess it depends on your taste I dont like to skimp when it comes to my car...
pretty costly. $500-600.
I am trying to save up and just get the Teins setup but my car is in need of new shocks too. I might just go with the Tokico's that Bottle has in the GB section for $300 shipped. He also has KYB AGX where you can adjust them for $360 shipped.
so u wouldn't recommend hks shocks cause i can get them for 235
i just got my kyb agx's 5-ways in the mail!!! cant wait for my ground controls!!! (360 shipped from bottles group buy from titan motorsports)
So the Koni yellows are the best? I just installed my springs and now after my first autox i want to get new shocks all around too. I just need to save my money (i hate being a poor college student).
i have TRD and handles really good and the ride is great too. They are made by KYB for TRD.
Where did you get the KYB for TRD ones?
Hell yeah being a poor college students sucks a$#!!!!!!
i hate being a poor college student :(
kind of a noob question but is it true that adj. shock absorbers also adjust your ride hight? like lower the car more?
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