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doolys trd center tach gauage

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well, i decided to sell this as of now since i bought some other gauges...
the gauge face does have some small hair-line fractures on it (not noiticable at night) and can be painted over or taped i guess. i only had this a little over a week but the install is to advanced for me since me and all my friends sucked at soldering lol. anyway, my price is 30 + shipping anywhere in the US. FOR PICS OF THE GAUGE FACE, EMAIL ME AT [email protected] thanks
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whoops, forgot to mention the six or so wires that came with the face arent included because, um, well me and my friends sucked at soldering, so they were destroyed. but you can purchase wires from damn near anywhere. also, ill send everything else that dooly sends out for install thanks Q
LightningRod said:
Man, you should keep it. Dooly's TRD center tach / LED conversion was my first-ever soldering job. You can do it!

BTW, those wires you speak of can be purchased at Radio Shack for like $5 I think. I had to buy a roll of it because Dooly forgot to send them to me. :gap:
i wanna keep them very bad, but my first attempt at soldering was a disaster. lol thanks for the price for the wires.
Dooly said:
I DO offer installation service....
hm.. interesting.. you gotta pm :thumbup:
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