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Drop on Celica

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Hey, i was thinking of getting some springs. Which ones should i get? I was thinking of getting the TRD lowering springs. And also, how much of a drop should i get.
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Put at least a 2" drop on, I got the goldlines for $98. They look great, and the ride is good also
Drop on the TRDs is about 1.5". I have em and they look good. Plus no need to worry too much about scraping on speed bumps etc.

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If you want a spring a bit lower than TRD but not too low like Tanabe or Goldlines then go with H&R. H&R drop is 1.5" front / 1.3" rear. IMHO they are the best choice with stock shocks as the ride is still very comfortable. Check out the pics:

I have the TRD kit and I don't scrape.. mind you, I don't drive like an idiot on ramps or speed bumps.
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well i have TRD.. and it dropped like 1 1/2 after settled.. i think TRD is good if ur gettin a body kit... if u want more aggressive look then getta tanabe or coils.. TRD ride quality is good and u dont jeopardize ur suspension or ur warranty...

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Hey CelicaNamja, how much did you get for the TRD springs? is like around $200?
I have progress springs and it's 1.8" drop front 1.6" in the back, and I love the ride

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Originally posted by AznPanda13:
Hey CelicaNamja, how much did you get for the TRD springs? is like around $200?
I got mine for 150 shipped from conicelli toyota in pensylvania. I got TRD because of quality and the fact that I think the 1.5 inch drop is perfect and the roads by me are terrible.


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Hey 6SPDGTS, i checked out the conicelli parts site in sponsors, and it said that the price is around $170,and it said it can change only 1.25"
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