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Dual Exhaust

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Is it possible to pull off the dual exhaust on our cars without losing performance? I've heard nothing but bad things about it. I have the Kam rear with the dual exhaust outlets and I think it would look much nicer with another pipe. I'm just running stock exhaust right now...any suggestions?
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Some company out there makes a dual exhaust for us. I think it was something like MS Designs. Some European company.
I'm sure it can be done, but it would strictly be an appearance mod. Dual exhaust does you no good on a 4banger of this design.

As for performance, I would wager small. Probably a bit worse than an optimized aftermarket exhaust for your car.
Don't do it! I had it on my celi, and my dyno runs proves it lose performance. :)

However, it's fixed now.
do u have those dyno's online??? i interested in looking at them
There might be a couple in the Dyno database. Other than that, I will have to find them somewhere in the house. :)
yeah dont do it. I had it done and it was just stupid. Man I had a rice stage too.
if you want another pipe on the other side you could put a fake nonfunctional one there lol
I always thought it would be cool to have two pipes exiting the back, one that would be used most of the time with the muffler and everything, and the other connected to a bypass valve that could just cut out the muffler all together (and the resonator... and cat for that matter!) I dunno, might be a dumb idea, but I always thought it might be neat.... having a 'straight pipe' option that you could turn on and off.
I have a dual set up and love it!Look's great and since I kept with the stock pipe size I lost no noticable power.If you are trying to burn up the street's you'll go turbo right?Then dual's can't rteally hurt,you need some back pressure but with forced unduction you have more than enuff!If you stay N/A then you might just do it for the look's(since monster power isn't a concern),I had the shop mod my TRD rear so it would fit wiht the Haymane muffler's.Loud as hell!I'll post pic's soon I hope~Brad
I will definitely be adding a turbo as soon as the DD turbo is available. For the most part it's just a cosmetic mod...and the funny thing is I actually CONSIDERED adding a non-functional pipe to fill in the other opening. About 30 seconds later, though, I realized that would be pretty damn stupid. I really don't like the looks of most of the aftermarket exhaust tips. I think the stock exhaust looks better than the TRD (that's just my opinion). If I had a custom dual exhaust installed would I really lose that much power? Knowing that I will (for certain) be purchasing a turbo kit as soon as it is available...what diameter should I go with if I do get the dual exhaust setup? Thanks.
Just my .02 but I would say about 2 3/4 or 3 to get the effect of the turbo.You are going forced induction so there should be no problem with backpressure.I lost a little below 2500 RPM but not that much and love the look myself.You know they go larger exhauste for turbo so dual would be similar just don't go as large as the sigle turbo exhaust's!Just my .02 though~Brad
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