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I've been working on a supercharger install on a 2006 Pontiac Vibe base (1ZZ-FE), but have run into a massive snag:

The EMU will no longer power on with the ignition in the on position. I probed the connectors going to the GReddy to insure that it is indeed getting power and has a good ground, and it seems fine. I tested them both with a test light and a cheap Radio Shack (analog) multimeter. The test light lights up bright when I probe pins B24 and B25 (ECU ground and ECU ignition power respectively), but the EMU just sits there completely unresponsive.

Yesterday morning I was able to get it to make a connection by firmly pressing on the connectors going into the EMU, but now I can't get anything to happen. When it WAS getting power properly, it wouldn't communicate with the laptop at all and didn't acknowledge the USB connection. I carefully opened it up, touching only the edges of the motherboard, and inspected it for cracked solder (especially where pins B24 and B25 hook up) and everything looks normal. Nothing was running loose in the case. Nothing burnt.

The unit is used and I'm worried UPS may have been rough on the package as it was a rather heavy box.

Currently I'm using my BF's 2004 Chevy Impala, and I am absolutely heartsick to get back to driving my own car. I was told that you guys may be able to help as you have a lot of experience with the EMU and ZZ engines (although the Celica ECU and fuel maps are very different from those in Corollas/Matrices/Vibes). I already sent GReddy an email.
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