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Ebay HID Kits

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Hey all,

Can I ask why these kits are selling for so cheap? They seem like the real xenon kits which includes warranty. Am I missing something here?


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They're so cheap because they're a cheaply made no name brand. Lots of people have had problems with no name HIDs and even some of the lesser name brands out there. Philips/Hella seems to be the most reliable, though you'll be shelling out around $400 for a kit. Another alternative, if you're looking for better light output, is the H7/H9 hybrid bulbs that is selling. They offer almost 30% more output than stock. Not like those "30-50%" more light bulbs from Philips or Sylvania, we're talking 2100 lumens vs 1500.
They'll be whiter than stock, but won't have the colored cutoff. They're the brightest halogen bulbs you can find that will fit the Celica, though.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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