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I have come to a cross roads in my planning for my Celica.

NA 2zz
Goals are 200WHP minimum

I should have all the mods to hit this number, but the magic is in the ECU/EMS.

I'm looking at either a Haltech Elite 1500, or a Hydra EMS.

I have local tuners available for both of these EMS systems, [PRE for the Haltech, and KO Racing for the Hydra]

Is there any advantage to doing one over the other? KO is far closer to my house, and they're Toyota MR2 guys, so I imagine my little 2zz shouldn't be too much for them to handle.

Any experienced tuners that can help me make a decision? I didn't wanna go with an Apexi because I wanted more control over things, and wanted a more stable system.

Money isn't an object here necessarily. It's the brains of the car, if one is truly superior, I don't mind paying up.

Thanks for your help and advice!
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