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@turbo63 .. did you get to run it yet ? Any updates.??? Where are you at?
Yes. Up and running. Serious issues at the first race however.
ACT HD race clutch would not disengage after 2 laps so we swapped it out for a part store one.
Ran some good laps setting class leading times in the rain.
Then our passenger axle boot ripped because our brake cooling vents moved ripped it apparently.
Then the bonehead stuff started happening and I'm blaming barely any sleep because of last min build stuff.

I went to jack car to change the axle and forgot to block the car. It slipped and then I broke the radiator... We had an auto radiator and we're using the transmission cooler to cool the oil. (Found an old Camry sandwich plate that works to send the oil with zero mods. Just needed a diff size filter btw)
So we swapped that out with the stock radiator and a extra cooler we had.
Next day was dry and then we had issues where the front white line sway bar was catching. Don't know if that was because of the drop and I bent something but we "fixed" it with a grinder....
Then we noticed the passenger axle boot was broke again. This time it looked like the coil overs were causing it. Don't know if "the drop" caused it. Probably not as we noticed that coilover was a couple rings lower and was barely catching anyway. We can change an axle in about 5 min now. Lol.
Then I made another mistake. Was just going easy and because of that I money shifted the 3-2, instead of 4. Seems the engine is fine but I burnt the clutch. (Cheap clutch probably saved the engine).
We tightened the clutch until we lost it completely.
I am now modding the shifter housing to push the shifter right instead of left. Also going to try to make a 2nd gear lock out with an arduino board and a selinoid that activates at a certain speed from the speed sensor.

So we learned a lot and I did some bonehead things.
Next race in about 4 week.

Started this race group on FB as well.
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gee that’s some bad luck. You sure had more spares than I took.

i wonder what went wrong with your clutches. Std clutch is what, 9” .. and we found whoever worked on our car before we got it ha put a Corolla plate in it. So the clutch plate was 1/2” smaller diameter than std. and bone stock.

we did have syncro issues though.

mate I’m glad you got it up and running. Hope you had a ball in hindsight.

how good was the car on the track? Brakes are fantastic and power is smooth as...

Must also say I am thankful you guys were lucky when the car dropped that no one had a hand or leg under it.

can you click us a pic of your ductwork?

sorry I don’t do stalkbook... and the page doesn’t open free.

again congrats.. but save up for some colours and get some LED light strips on the outside.

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Thanks. Would love to know how yours is going as well.
The car had amazing grip, in the dry understeer was a bit of a problem but with everything else going on we pretty much had everything aligned stock and didn't even have time to mess with tire pressures.
Other than that it was like a FWD go kart with super sharp steering and great feedback.
Brakes didn't have a lot of feedback but we had the booster on so we are going to disable that next time. I just kept locking them up easy, would prefer to have more degrees of pressure I could apply. The brakes held up very well however. Just Poterfields and Centric Blanks.

I don't have photos of the ducts but will try to get them. We don't have a duct back plate so they just shoot at the rotors and axle boot. They are just dryer duct venting which fits perfect in the fog light holes and then zipped tied to shoot where we want them.
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