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Hey all i'm new to the forum but i've been reading posts on this site for the last 3 months straight and have come to a point now that i need some input as far as building an engine for my celica.

I want a complete engine build. bottom to top. I was thinking of going with a low compression build. i want to install the blitz supercharger but that will probably come later after i get the engine built and installed. so i dont know if i should just stick with the stock compression or if i'll be happy with the low compression while im saving up the rest of my funds towards the supercharger later.

checking out the mwr website i was looking at:
MWR sleeved block
MWR 2.0L stroker kit w/ wiseco 09.0:1 pistons
stage 2 MWR camshaft

I got stuck on MWR's website today but i'm not biased towards them i just havent seen many people talking about building up their whole engine and dont know where to look for the parts. ive seen people use different headers and didnt know if i should go with MWR and also with this kind of build i dont know if i would need to upgrade the injectors now or later when i installed the supercharger.

I'm just trying to put a part list together now so that i have something to work towards. and i'd like to do as much work myself as possible. MWR is nice that if i got the block with those pistons, they can do all the machine work and i can piece it together later.

Going this route im basically building a completely new engine, what could i use from my stock engine if really anything?

thanks for taking your time to read this and answer any of these questions

edit* i found a complete build from MWR - the 2.0L stroker build

comes w/:
- MWR forged steel 2.0L crankshaft
- Powder coated front cover and valve cover
- Brand new OEM gaskets and seals throughout
- Brand new oil pump
- ARP main and head studs
- Mahle forged pistons
- MWR main and rod bearings
- Competition 3-angle valve job
- Your choice of upgraded valves, springs, retainers
- Expert machine work and assembly

camshaft purchased sep - would get the MWR stage 2 camshaft
compression ratio 09.0:1
upgrade to at least the MWR Billet Rods
Oil pan - Moroso
wouldnt get the headers ported since i would upgrade to better headers.
valve springs - MWR performance with TI retainers
stainless MWR valves

this is $10,335 not including the shipping to get it here to Hawaii where im at currently. since i would still want to put a supercharger on it later and better water pump, oil pump, headers, is there a cheaper route for me to get the same result?

i could get back $1300 for my current core so theres a little help but im thinking theres got to be a better way i can do this, or is it worth it?

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First thing you need to know, is how deep is your pocket?

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Also, depending on if my car gets written off, I might have some of the goodies you're looking for, such as:
-MWR sleeved block
-Wiseco 10:1's
-Moroso Oil Pan
-Head with upgraded valves and springs (didn't set the valve lash yet)
-ARP head studs
-Upgraded main/rod bearings
-Circuitworx oil pump
-OEM gasket kit

Basically, I've got all of the hardware for a built engine, I just haven't built it yet (waiting because I need a PFC and a few other things). I've also got a turbo kit too.
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