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Originally posted by booyaolian
Fyr fytr,

you might want to post the same thread over @ to see what those issac fan boys will say...("oh dont worry, issac might have been busy these days. keep pming him or sending him emails, he will get back to you. you will get your ****.")

two consequences:

(1) u will be banned.

(2) if issac likes your attitude, he may respond to you in a way like this, "check your pm (with a smiley face)," and then when you get your order, you will realize that he throws in a set of ricer MTEC light bulbs in your order just to make you think he is not a shady person.

he will give you lots of crap to make you look dumb over there. he got lots of fan boys over there to "protect" his reputation. they dont give a fvck if you get screwed by issac, as long as the one that gets screwed is not themselves.

report to the police and take some legal actions.
You forgot (3), where he tries to rationale why he got a bad BBB rating due to some guy with an axe to grind.

Oh, and those "fanboys" are more than likely him under a bunch of different screen names. Ask any of the former Unison members.

Originally posted by cvt
well obviously he needs help and i'm going to try to help him out. i have done business with isaac before and had no problems. apparently this isn't the case with everyone. i'll try to let him know what happened since i haven't had any communication problems with him. i'm taking a more pro-active approach rather than name calling. i've helped others here in the past. some worked out. some didn't. but at least i'm trying. i don't work for the guy but i hate seeing people not get their stuff. so i'll do what i can. that's all.
You're his right-hand man, because you come crashing into every anti-E Celica thread on this site singing praises of him. Apparently you have a channel with him so it shouldn't be too hard to refund this guy's money or get him his parts, right?

2,488 Posts
Pinchy said:
alphasubzero949 said:
Oh, and those "fanboys" are more than likely him under a bunch of different screen names. Ask any of the former Unison members.
I wouldnt be suprised CVT is ISSAC HIMSELF.....!!! :lame:

Issac or CVT is just testing the water here to see whos complainting and see if anyone are taking any real action before he goes to jail........ :laugh:

I was once scamed by him 2 years ago on the messed up/USED APR strut bar....... lol he said it was brandnew lol............ this is really old news....

How the hell does Issac stay outa jail ??
Hmmm...sounds a lot like Tony, huh...

From the lovefest at

cvt said:
i agree...

i agree that he should also make announcements when he takes a dump . gimme a break. that's isaac's personal site. he has no obligations to anyone to do anything (with exceptions with business sales).

in a way i'm glad he's out. can you imagine doing celica stuff every waking moment of your life? all those redbull drinks can't be healthy in the long run.

good luck to him . just get over it people and move on...too bad i was banned from NC OT...since i'm sick of celica stuff as well it looks like no celica sites for me to visit...

Sounds a lot like this, huh?

Tony at e350Z said:
You know what? All you ungrateful mother ****ers can go **** yourselves. For the past 3+ god damn years we provided a service for free. Never once did we ask for anything in return. All you selfish mother ****ers can do now is complain about your ****ing GP's and such? Did we get one lousy cent from any of your sales? It is your ****ing responsibilities to keep track of your contacts. NOT Isaac!!! was a PRIVATELY owned website. Isaac can do whatever the **** he pleases with it. He does not owe any of you anything. If selling the site and put some money back into his pocket makes him happy, then so be it. If not having to pay $250 a month on a dedicated server and still have morons bitch about everyhting makes him happy, then so be it. If shutting down the site makes him happy, then so ****ing be it. It is time Isaac did something for himself. And if you *******s can't see that, then you're being blinded by your own selfishness, the "me, me, me syndrome."

You bitches want to talk respect? Look in the mirror, mother ****ers.

Darren, of all the people, you should check yourself and shut the **** up. Shame on you.

Now, get the **** off of my site.
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