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Exaust type and sound

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Im from belgium, I Drive a GT 6-Speed celica ZZT230 for a couple of months now and im looking for a muffler (muffler=exaust?) for my car (only for the sound), because without it it sounds like a vacuum cleaner to me, my previous celica (model 1996) had the same problem. Im looking for a nice deep (loud) sound, if any of you guys have any experience with this? p.s. pardon my crappy english. greets.
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u dont want to put it to loud because people say its illegal well i believe it but i dont kno about over there where u r at
Spider...fix your sig, red x's are rice.....haha j/k It's a red X because you put image tags around a html page and not an image link.

On subject: I have the TRD and highly recommend it, but I would suggest that you check out the exhaust section, it's still there right? Or at least there used to be one with sound clips of different exhausts. But all anyone on this site would recommend is a axle-back exhaust for performance reasons....if all you truely care about is sound, then go to a pep boys or similar and buy a underversal fart can.
Go here:

The first three movies are of ghostface's car (GT w/ N1), and the last is of Kenji's (GT-S w/ N1). Both have custom axle back piping.
Ive checked the veilside site and found the 'tear drop' muffler, you guys got any comment on this? (690$ for the rear-end type!?) I know veilside is state of the art about kits but what about their exaust?
Any true dual exhaust available for our cars? I'm also lookin for a nice deep sounding exhaust, kinda comparable to what borla is (just for an idea of sound) but i'm also looking for performance. I like the TRD and may go with that but want the look of dual. Any suggestions if any for dual exhaust are appreciated.
go with Tanabe!!! sounds awesome, best thing ive done to my car....and its loud
what do you guys think about greedy evo? i havent heard to much commenting on that, i was set on getting that, but im not sure yet. I heard it on a civic, sounds nice.
The Evo sound is to silent. Dont know about the performance.
I had the apexi n1 canister with custom piping, very deep and fairly loud. I changed the end to just a straight pipe with a tip. Its way louder now and is still deep at low rpms. As soon as you hit lift it screams like a mofo! This is the only sound clip I have, its a video of me racing a stang gt.
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veilside and trd are cool
i have veilside i love it it doesn
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