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Up for grabs a clutch used for about 4k miles before engine gave out

I can't seem to find model or anything, but it has the Exedy Daikan logos on it

You can see "Exedy" right under the spring

Price: $175

Steering Column

Price: $100

03 HVAC knobs, 03 trunk clips, hood support brackets

Prices: Knobs $25, clips $12, brackets $30

Antenna Wire (kind of frayed on copper part) and 03 Hatch Cover

Prices: Wire $20, Cover $35

MT radiator, ac condenser

Prices: $80 each

GT fuel rail

I have two of them for same price

Aluminum pieces that fit behind seat belts

Price: $25

Prices are plus shipping and paypal fees
1 - 14 of 14 Posts