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FEELER: Kazuma Exhaust, CF Fenders, CF Hood, Premier 12" subs/box, fidanza fly

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Kinda undecided about selling this stuff. But I need the cash, so here we go...

1.Kazuma Exhaust in great condition with functioning cat "I used it for 12k miles, bought it off celicajonz" - asking $350

2. Carbon Fiber fenders & Hood - asking $500 for all 3 pieces - Will look sick on black or carbon blue celi's

3. Premier championship series 12" subs with Box "they Hit Hard!" - $175 "paid $100 for box alone!"

4. fidanza fly wheel for GT-S "needs new center piece"- $150

5. transmission mount - $40 obo

6. Oem fog light "one only" - $40 ObO

like I said its a feeler, LMK ASAP cuz I might decide to keep some of these parts but if I get what Im asking for then I might just sell them.:wiggle:
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hey man where do you live and what do you have left
In terms of weight, how much lighter are the CF Front Fenders?

Debating this item right now.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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