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Fenders, Bumpers, Exhaust, VIP Alarm ForSale

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Over this winter I an going to be adding a body kit and several other items to my 2000 Celica. The items for sale (not yet at this moment, probably around December/January) are: both front fenders, hood, front bumper, rear bumper, stock exhaust, and a Toyota VIP Security System with keyless entry. All body pieces are in great condition, the front bumper has minor chips where the license plate would be from bugs/stones/etc. For more information or pictures on any of these items, send me a message and I'll be happy to tell you more. As for prices, none have been set, and any reasonable offer will be accepted.

[url][/url] [IMG]

[IMG] [url][/url] [IMG]
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Whoops, accidentally posted a link to the same two pics:

[url][/url] [IMG]

Sorry for the inconvenience!
Why didn't you just wait until December/January to list this?
Ditto ..... :confused:
Please update location tag with your city and state. Follow this link to update:

interested in front passenger fender, rear bumper and possibly front bumper..let me know how much
I would buy the driver-side fender, if it's in excellent condition. Please send me some pics whenever you can.
interested in front bumper! willing to ship to california?
is it the rs3200 system?
need to buy the front passenger fender i got hit but if its not up for sale yet...
i got so much interested in rear bumper, is it with the lip? are u gonna sell it now? i really need it very soon! how much ship to 98092?
intrested in the front Bumper. Live in Maryland 20745.
Ill talke both fenders and the back...just let me know how much to ship to Fl 33183....since its for december/january its percect for much u want for them? PM me
im interested in the front clip both fenders and front bumper
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