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Ok, up until today I was going to get 17's. Until I found a set of 18 x 7.5's I love, for a great price (99 a wheel).

They're the kazera kz-t. The weight, as stated by tire rack, is 21.2 pounds. Is that too heavy for my stock gt-s? I don't plan on doing any real racing or anything with it, just daily driving, but I don't want it to turn my car into even more of a slug.
And is a 40mm offset alright?

And tires, I haven't decided on which tire, right now I'm just trying to figure out the dimensions I want. I was thinking a 245/40 - 18. According to all this math bs I've done that would be about 7 cm which is around 3". Is that pretty good? I want lo-profile but not extremely small because the road in some of the hollows around here can get alot of pot-holes which suck for a brand new set of wheels.

18 x 7.5's good? 21.2 lbs too heavy? would 245/40 - 18 tires look alright? And how well would these feel out my wheel wells?
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