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Few weird sounding noises

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First of all sometimes when I shift and let off the clutch (doing so slowly) I hear an annoying little screeching noise like metal rubbing against each other. It started out doing it only going into 5th gear but now does it sometimes in most gears.

Next problem I have is most of the time in first when letting off the clutch I hear another screeching noise coming from under the car. It might or might not be related to the other noise but both are worrying me about my new clutch/flywheel I just had put in or maybe it's not even that.

The last problem I have has to do with most likely with my timing my friends told me. My engine runs a little rough and squeak alot when resting. When moving and my foot is off the gas my engine winding down sounds somewhat harsh. It sound like metal or somthing rubbing against each other in the engine somehere. I don't think it's metal but thats what it sounds like.

If anyone knows anything about any of these things let me know and please help guide me on what to do? Don't just be like take it to a shop because I am doing that anyways. Just want to see if it has happened to anyone else up in here. thanx
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