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Originally posted by BgLtUsE
Yea I was planning on replacing my air filter for my injen CAI also. Does all the injen air filter use the same oil base for the filter? Also, does the color of the filter matter? For example, my old air filter was blue and if I were to replace it with a red one with the same diameter then will it matter? I know, its probably a retarded question but thanks in advance!
the red ones are dyno proven to lose power. but those ebay speed chips should get the power right back.

BTW if you check the install forums you'd find this ...

also,if you know it's a stupid question, why would you ask it? you could simply PM any of the people who daily post good information on the site. then you wouldnt have to worry about it being a stupid question. :gap:

unless of course it's so stupid they ignore you, in which case you should re-think it anyhow.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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