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well after many hurdles, including needing a speaker adapter, spade terminals for 12awg speaker wire not fitting the crossover terminals, too many wires running down the passenger door plate, I must say I'm very pleased with the results. Although I have come to the conclusion that I am the world's worst installer.

The components I went with are Kicker Resolutions. The midbass is great (i'm so glad I decided to sound deaden my doors) and blends well w/ my infinity basslink. Actually they really made me realize that the basslink just wasn't cutting it in terms of playin' the low tones. The best part of the components are the silk dome tweeters. They really bring a new depth to much of the music I listen to, from vocals to cymbal crashes to electronica highs. Even at high volumes the tweeters never get harsh and stay very smooth. I did have to lower the switch on the crossover though from +1.5db to 0 cuz originally they were too bright. Major issue w/ this component set is that they do not fit the crutchfield/scosche speaker adapters. You have to file down the adapter or make a custom one urself (which probably is cheaper and will sound better).

I'm powering the components w/ a us acoustics usx2100, which is rated at 100wrmsX2 at 12.9V . So far no complaints from the amp. The signal sounds clean to me and the design is very unassuming which I like. The bass boost feature is nice to give the midbass a nice extra kick. For the price, I think it's a pretty great deal. I've mounted it to the back of the rear seat. It's actually quite a nice sturdy mounting area.

Next up is building a box for my hopefully soon to arrive elemental designs e12k.44. It's nice that they provide box building blueprints which I intend to follow.

This car audio stuff is addicting. It all started w/ a new headunit. And hopefully it will end with my new sub. We'll see.
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