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FINNALY finished my R6

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in november i laid my bike down at about 15mph while the ground was wet and ive been working on fixing it ever since. the tank was dented, the timeing chain cover was scrached really badly, turn signal killed, and holes and deep scraches in the fearing from sliding mirror scrached up bad and some other stuff messed up.......... but now its done (did all the work myself), here's a pic
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you paint everything and fill the holes yourself? how did you fill the holes?
yea, i did. filled the scraches with a plastic filler called polyflex, and filled the holes with some black **** (forgot what its called) that ended up being a bitch to sand

and before i painted the fearings i cut out a circle hole in them and installed a slider (that black thing sticking out of the middle of the bike)
good job...if you want a stock r6 exhaust, let me know, I have 2 in my garage that i'm not using at all...make me a offer and its your :)
nice! all you need now is a new exhaust, or repair for that matter, then it will be cherry :thumbup:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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