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Now that you're hooked, I'd WAIT to spend money on wheels and tires, or ANY other mods.... Keep driving the caar just like it is, and learn how to get the most out of it.... After a few months, you'll be better able to take advantages of any improvements!!

DO NOT run out and buy R-compound tires!!!! There are 2 good reasons:

1. You WILL NOT get the best performance out of them. Once you can get every little bit of performance from stock tires, THEN you will be able to get the most out of the grippier tires...

2. They are EXPENSIVE! They will NOT last long, and are certainly not worth the cost until you can take advantage of them.

With your intake, I presume you are running in STS or DSP with the local club. If you're planning to stick with street tires on the car, then the best bet is a set of Falken Azenis. I would still hold off until you wear out the current tires you have. Unless you're running on 17s or 18s now, in which case, a set of 15s and tires probably WOULD be cheaper (and easier to drive on, most likely.)

Rant complete ;) Welcome to the obsession :D
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