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Flipping speakerbox?

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Anyones speakerbox flips over during hard breaking? I lay my back seats down all the time. And in the rare cases of hard braking, my box always flips over. I was thinking of getting the factory cargo net to try and hold it back if it happens again. Anyone have any suggestions?
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that would have to be strong velcro.

way back (2 years ago)..when I had a dual 10" box I used a large bungee and hooked to the two D clips next to the package tray. Somehow, I had just enough force on it to keep it from ever moving. But before that my box would bang against my side panels of the hatch and crack them up pretty badly.

Another idea is to take out yoru package tray and secure "L" brackets to it and bend to the proper angle to attach to the back of your box. Once you get it all screwed together right you should be able to stick the package tray back on without being able to see much of the brackets you used.
most of the rear strut bars attach where the seats fold up and latch near the if your box is flying around that much or even that tall then there is a chance it could touch it, but I never had any issues...even with a single 12" box unbolted in the back sitting in the spare tire hole. That thing REALLY flew around and didn't once hit my carbon cargo cover or my hypermotive bar.

Hey Red...where in NC are you? I have a megan racing rear strut bar that is just collecting dust because I swapped it for the hypermotive if your interested.
Red, i'll get you some pics. Its in storage with a lot of my oem stuff. I'll go dig it out today or tomorrow.

I know albemarle fairly well, you really aren't that far at all.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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