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Fog Light Fuse keeps blowing

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Ok, so to give proper context, I have to start with the fact that my set-up is a bit weird. The wiring is all OEM, however I have JDM fog light housings instead of USDM ones. I also had to swap the USDM connecters on to the JDM housings, but that required no wire cutting at all. Now, both use the same H3 bulb, so I figured they'd draw the same amount of power through the wires and I'd have no issues. Well, initially I had an issue where it ran fine for a bit, then started blowing fuses. I checked the wiring and it turns out that I had the polarity reversed on them, so I swap the pins on the connectors and they worked again. Well, fast forward nearly a year and the fuse is blowing yet again. I have to check the polarity and see if maybe I had it wrong this entire time, but an issue I had before, and will have again, is that the USDM (Red, Black) and JDM (Black, White) use different wire colors, and I'm not quite sure which is which. I can't find JDM electrical diagrams for the fog lights, so I'm a bit stumped. I ran off intuition last time and simply ran power directly to the bulb, and ground on the housing itself, but like I said, I need to check it again.
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EDIT: Yep, it was exactly what I thought. The power wire inside the housing is making contact with the grounding point, but I was able to remove a bit of slack from the inside of the housing to reduce chance of contact. I still don't like how close this all is, so is there any way I can insulate it?
There is this stuff called Liquid Electrical Tape that I really like for these types of jobs. They sell it at all big box home improvement stores. I recommend buying a cheap set of various size art brushes as well to apply it with precision b/c the can brush is huge.
Leave the lid off the liquid tape for a while or leave it loose, it's far too thin to start off and it's hard to get a layer thick enough to insulate well without putting many many many coats on.
It says on the can to mix it well and then apply as many thin layers as you want to build thickness. If you leave the lid open it will get crusty and then you'll have chunks in your can. Ask me how I know :rolleyes:
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