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Fog Light Fuse keeps blowing

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Ok, so to give proper context, I have to start with the fact that my set-up is a bit weird. The wiring is all OEM, however I have JDM fog light housings instead of USDM ones. I also had to swap the USDM connecters on to the JDM housings, but that required no wire cutting at all. Now, both use the same H3 bulb, so I figured they'd draw the same amount of power through the wires and I'd have no issues. Well, initially I had an issue where it ran fine for a bit, then started blowing fuses. I checked the wiring and it turns out that I had the polarity reversed on them, so I swap the pins on the connectors and they worked again. Well, fast forward nearly a year and the fuse is blowing yet again. I have to check the polarity and see if maybe I had it wrong this entire time, but an issue I had before, and will have again, is that the USDM (Red, Black) and JDM (Black, White) use different wire colors, and I'm not quite sure which is which. I can't find JDM electrical diagrams for the fog lights, so I'm a bit stumped. I ran off intuition last time and simply ran power directly to the bulb, and ground on the housing itself, but like I said, I need to check it again.
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Great, I love it when I'm about to snag myself some JDM TRD Fogs and I see this post, I hope you figure out what's causing this.
I will update when I have time to track down any faults. Don't let this scare you out of buying some JDMs, my case is unusual since I didn't exactly do things by the book.
Is there a good tutorial on installing JDM Fogs the correct way on USDM Celicas?
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